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Real Life Student Ministries exists to Connect Students to Christ and the Church. We believe in the power of relationships with Students and Parents.

Summer Calendar
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Transit – Sunday Mornings at 10:00 AM

Transit is where it all starts. We believe that life is full of big questions – Does that girl like me? How can I get Chick-fil-a on a Sunday? What does it mean to follow Jesus? We want to provide a place to have some fun, create relationships, and think through those big questions about life and faith. And we have donuts.

Small Groups

There is power in relationship and there is nothing like a group of people meeting together and learning about what it means to follow Jesus. We know that everybody needs somebody to talk to and hang out with, and that’s what makes life better together. And that’s why we want everyone in a small group. There’s always room on the couch.

  • High school students Small Group: 1407 S Waterside Drive in Chesapeake.
  • Middle school students Small Group: 1432 Birch Leaf Road in Chesapeake.
  • All Small Groups meet from 7-8:15 (September – June).


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