Elevate our ministry, generosity, and capacity

In March of 2016 we launched our Elevate Campaign. The goal was to elevate our ministry by adding 3,800 square feet of new rooms for our Children's and Student Ministries. The challenge was for all people who call Real Life their home to consider financially sacrificing from March 2016 - March 2018 so that we could build out our second floor. As we stepped out in faith we added space for some of the 72,000 kids in our area that are being raised in a home that doesn't know Jesus. We believed that we could make a dent in that number.

Several months after we opened the second floor, approximately half way through the Elevate campaign, our church was destroyed by a tornado. The result was a total loss of our building. While we still believe in the original mission of reaching out to local children, we have shifted the focus of the campaign. Elevate will continue with the modified purpose of rebuilding our Church entirely so that we can continue to reach out to the 72,000 kids in our area growing up without Jesus .